Why medlounge?

Any given day you could participate in at least several continued medical education events. Good quality, however, is unfortunately not seen too frequent.

At medlounge we are committed to fulfill high quality standards while at the same time to make learning an enjoyable task. On your behalf with elaborate up-to-date contents together with the leading CH experts. Our learning cases and modules are truly independent and of high quality. In real world and with a limited budget, this can only be achieved when contents are used on more than a single occasion, which is the concept of medlounge.

For meetings and exchange with colleagues, choose several interactive patient cases and off you go!

For accredited learning on the go, you may profit of our Distant Learning offering!

Is medlounge independent?

Yes. Any cooperation with sponsors is subject to the current SAMW guidelines, the provisions of SSGIM guidelines and the Code of Conduct of the Pharmaceutical Industry. Independence is to us, as data protection is, a key issue. All content is evidence based and peer reviewed.

How do we protect your data?

Privacy is a key issue today. Your data will not be passed on to any third party. We use consolidated and anonymized data to improve our site and its contents. In concrete terms: for example questions that are frequently answered incorrectly will be reviewed for consistency and quality.

Who is medlounge?

medlounge is an independent website that is part of impulze GmbH. impulze is a Zurich-based healthcare agency. All contents are copyrighted and may not be reproduced and/or copied without previously written consent. Copyright 2024


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Although we did our best to build up all areas as clear and simple as possible, failure is a certainty. Contact us if something is not working or behaving the way it should! [email protected]


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